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To Be Truncated

After completing ‘The Mirrors’ album in 2018 , I had already started many of the compositions that ended up on ‘Songs in Truncated Prisms.’


At the time I had moved into a new house that quickly became a ‘renovators nightmare!’ The film clips ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Darkly Through a Mirror’ show the extent of deconstruction taking place at the time. It reached a stage where the house had no walls, ceilings or floors, and therefore, no studio. So ‘Truncated’ was put aside until I had a suitable room for recording.


To keep the music flowing, I released two ambient albums, but was yearning to get back to the guitars and story telling.


So finally, after a long delay … here it is! An interesting mixture, with a little more ‘comedy’ this time around.

Track List ~

1. A Date with Destiny

2. Lily

3. Walterleg 5

4. The Ultimate Soldier

5. Tron’s Last Stand

6. Tally

7. On Reaching the End of the Show

Truncated Prisms cover.jpg

No notes on what each song is about (that’s left to you to work out), however ‘Tally’ is based on author Ray Bradbury's story ‘The Lake.’


Also ... Blue Head, Dasa Brown and Jason send their regards.
Happy listening!

Steve Carr Clark     August 2023    


Album release date =

9th September '23

Truncatd Prisms back cover.jpg

Copyright Steve Carr Clark 2023

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