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'The Nightwatcher' and 'The Pack' -

The Pack modif.jpg

The Pack

  My forth album ‘Seasons of Night & Light’ started out as the painting ‘The Pack.’ It shows a beasty gang of people on a dark night, some in full swing of no-goodness, and others standing around staring out of glassy, blank eyes.

  Each character started as a sketch and was then compiled into the full scene before proceeding with the painting.

  One of the songs on the album ‘From My Window’ relates to the same painting, however I needed more illustrations to use in the video, so another two scenes were created.

The Nightwatcher.jpg

The Nightwatcher

Sad Cits LS.jpg
Sad Cits RS_edited.jpg
Souless Citizens copy_edited.jpg
Soulless Citizens

The Nightwatcher -


There's no peace on earth in unholy times

Thy Kingdom never came

So I take myself to a lonely room

Old chair on floor and nothing more

For the Nightwatcher 

From a window darkly turn my eyes

To the new race, nightmare, headcase

Yet I'm safe inside my Keep

As The Pack fills up the street.... 

I must keep still

A living statue framed in window glass

They pass below

One figure draws my eye

A devils face with cross in taloned hand

The sheep will follow

Weapons in their hands

The Nightwatcher must stay concealed

Keep The Pack in sight

Must keep The Pack in sight

While praying for daylight 

Oh no...they're here again

The Warmonger the harbinger of death

He stokes the furnace with his toxic breath 

The dance macarbe begins

Mad rhymes, mad times

Tongue twisted speak

Thou hast forsaken children cry

It's time to pray

Then time to die... 

I won't go down without a fight

The Nightwatcher has a plan

The Nightwatcher schemes

To break their flesh and bones

By any means By any means..... 

If I could sleep upon this chair

If I could sleep...sleep...sleep....

I'm home again

In the times before the seasons changed

Talking and laughing with my dear old friends

I know they won't be here for long

With the sunshine on my face

With the sunshine on... 

Oh no...the frost is here again

The Pack is on my scent

Scratching at the walls

They've found Nightwatcher's hideaway

They're breaking down the doors

But I'll sit calmly on my chair

And soon with them

A special gift I'll share... 

I can hear them on the floor below my room

As the clouds outside block out the silver moon

They're coming up the stairs

And through my door

So I ignite the fuel kept beneath my floor

Then burn away....and burn away

Nightfires consuming all 


sclarkmusic9 © 2011

From My Window -

I'm looking from my window

On a cold and starless night

City faces passing by

Their eyes glazed over white 

And their faces are now changing

And no one seems to care

Their features are rearranging


How can this be

The prophets work undone

Hieronymus Bosch your visions stand at my door

And there's no place left to hide myself as they near 

And the Crossbearer stands tall

As he leads on his sheep

Some are dancing in time

To a mad rhyme of tongue twisted speak 

Then I looked into the Pack

And saw a face that I once knew

Yet as her eyes met mine her face turned pale

And her teeth went snap

Oh my God.....can that be you? 


I'm looking from my window

On a cold and starless night

Can I draw the curtains closed and turn my back

And hide this world from sight 

I need a sign

A ray of light

There must be time left to set things right

Does someone see there's an open door in the sky  

From my window I can see it all

From my window I can see it all ........ 


sclarkmusic9 © 2011

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