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Starbrook's Flying Dream -

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Starbrook once dreamt of an aerial escapade to the last plain of limitation as follows....

 The unicorn on which I sat sallied forthwith heavenwards, his silvery wings unfurled, his cyclopic eye surreal, tail at the rear. I enquired of his star-sign that was to remain elusive.

Between the 'Pillars of Detachment' he flew and beyond. Below the infinite, above the rainbow arced in reverse leading to Ascension. Upon reaching the end of the spectral beam, George landed and I, Starbrook dismounted.

The 'Valley of Poverty and Absolute Nothingness' stretched before us, whilst Angels in pavilions of crystal, smiled through light. We soaked up the vibes as Om Crystal twinkled in knowing reverence, however we both knew we could not stay for long. For how can finite and corporeal forms co-exist with the infinite and imperishable Essence?

Saddened and yet exhilarated, the sound of George's one-hoof-clapping signaled agitation and departure time. Om Crystal irradiated and shimmered. The rainbow became one with the electroplasmatic energies of our auric field, the collective consciousness encompassed the single separateness of our beings, and I awoke to the sound of one-hand-slapping. Raymond Moonie had dropped in for a cup of tea and two quick biccies, and was awakening Starbrook in his usual off-hand manner.

Outside a white horse stood in the field and an early morning shower refracted light beams heavenwards ...

- from Starbrook's diary  19/9/2011
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