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The Halloween Tree - released 2013

6. Halloween Tree 2012.jpg
At Pipkin's Door
Trick or Treat
The Ravine
To the House
The Tree
Pipkin Lost
The Kite
Flight to Egypt
A Scythe for You Sins/Romans
Shields and the Star
The Gathering of Brooms
Cathedrals of Stone
Whistling Up Gargoyles
Sugar Skulls
Catacombs and One Year Each
Back to the House
Pipkin Alive
Pumpkin Lights Out and a Thousand Dark Leaves
Embered Smiles and Sleep

The Halloween Tree – Instrumental music based on Ray Bradbury’s extraordinary novel ‘The Halloween Tree.’ Such a beautiful story of wonderment and childhood adventure. After reading it for the third or forth time, the music had to surface.

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