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Colourful - released 2014
7. Colourful 2014.jpg
My Angel
Stars Above
Starbrook's Alien Encounter
The Castaway
The Cosmic Kaleidoscope
After the Torments
Harold's Coming Out
Hats Off Turbans On

Colourful – The colourful album with the black and white cover! (There is a small slash of purple there, however.) Starbrook makes his first appearance in a song and Harold comes out. There’s also a kaleidoscope, a turban, the third installment of ‘The Takerman’ and a pineal gland. Strange but colourful.

Featured videos -

Is that really you ... Mr. Bowie???

So call me up an albatross,

And I'll be on my way

Moving at the speed of thought

That's the game I play!

Third and final piece in 'The Takerman' trilogy.

Is there a reason for these things ....?

Harold is a recluse…. however he likes to watch. He’s found a way to ‘tune into’ the entire human race via cell phones connected to the cerebral cortex tissue of his brain. But Harold wants to see more. Hello Hubble and the Karl Jansky Array. Next stop God… unless…

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