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Reflection or Meditation?

'Across Emerald Stepping Stones' and 'One Day' were both recorded in early 2021. I was hoping to release the next 'art-rock' album 'Songs in Truncated Prisms' prior to these two, however, due to ongoing house and studio renovations, that album is still in the pipeline.

'Across Emerald Stepping Stones' consists of 9 tracks, with instrumentation reflecting the title of each composition. Quite obvious in tracks such as 'Blossom on a Koto', 'A Monk in New Delhi' and the cosmic 'Across Emerald Stepping Stones.'

'One Day' is a more spacious album, and unlike much of the meditation music of today (often consisting of a few musical phases repeated over and over for 20 minutes or longer), there is more structure and a sense that the composition is going somewhere.

The album follows the course of 'one day', from the first light of dawn to the final day's end when your head hits the pillow. 'Sleep Angels' and the bonus track ''Healing in Four Stages' may well put you into the 'land of nod.'

Sweet listening and sweet dreams!


13. Across Emerald Stepping Stones 2021.jpg
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