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The Hellbound Heart - released 2010

2. The Hellbound Heart 2010.jpg
Lemarchand's Box
Frank Meets the Cenobites
The House and the Room
A Little Blood
The Thing in the Wall
Outside and Inside the Wall
First Kill and the Draining
After Hours Visitors
Come to Daddy
The Bride and the Engineer
The Hellbound Heart

Bonus tracks -
Tear My Soul Apart
A Waste of Good Suffering
The Greatest Torments
Back Inside


The Hellbound Heart – Apart from the three bonus vocal tracks, this is an instrumental album based on Clive Barker’s novel ‘The Hellbound Heart.’ Yes, it’s a horror story, but the atmosphere and imagery of the novel provided much inspiration for music in this genre. The vocal tracks center around the main character Frank and outline his plight regards his descent into the world of the Cenobites. And yes .... there will be blood.

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