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10th Anniversary 'Ghostflyers' & 'The Hellbound Heart.'

It's coming up 10 years since the release of Steve Carr Clark's first two albums, 'Ghostflyers' and 'The Hellbound Heart.'

Both albums were released in 2010 and each explores different musical styles.

'Ghostflyers' containes a mixture of rock, acoustic ballads and some longer progressive tracks. "The Hellbound Heart' is a soundtrack album, except for the three vocal bonus tracks, which have become known as 'the bleeding face' songs.

To celebrate their respective anniversaries, we have released

the 'Ghostflyers' trilogy and 'The Hellbound Heart' trilogy.

All songs have been remixed and remastered and each video contains some extra 'visual' material, including original artwork

and images.

1. Ghostflyers 2010.jpg
2. The Hellbound Heart 2010.jpg
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